Film making competition 

Dust off your camcorders, pull out your ipads, and let out your inner film-maker.

Welcome to the first ever Evolve Arts short film making competition. We are kicking off our competitions with an Action movie short film competition! We know a lot of our students are stuck at home during this Covid-19 situation, so we hope that with all of their spare time they should be able to make some brilliant short films! 


We welcome people of all levels of talent and film-making experience to compete. Whether you are filming on a phone, iPad, or have a professional video camera and editing software, you are all welcome to enter! Whatever you’ve got at home, grab it out and make a film!


Please note the rules and requirements below, as to be eligible to win these must be followed. 


Films will be judged by our Evolve Arts staff, and then the top five entries will be uploaded on this page, so that you can all vote on which film you like the most. Whichever film receives the most votes will be deemed our first ever short film competition winner, and will receive a prize. 


Genre: Action




Film must be under 5 minutes.

No inappropriate language / adult themes. 

All short films must contain:

Prop: Broom

Phrase: Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. 

Scene: Chase scene 


Entries close: Please upload your films to YouTube and send the link to by 30th April 2020.

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